Pelargonium tomentosum

Pelargonium tomentosum (Peppermint Geranium

Pelargonium tomentosum [1] är en näveväxtart som beskrevs av Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin. Pelargonium tomentosum ingår i släktet pelargoner, och familjen näveväxter. [2] [3] Inga underarter finns listade i Catalogue of Life.[2]Källor. a b; Externa länkar. Wikimedia Commons har media som rör Pelargonium tomentosum Vi har även en del naturartspelargoner (s k vildar) t ex Pelargonium peltatum - urmodern till hängpelargonerna, Pelargonium tomentosum - med fantastisk pepparmyntsdoft och Pelargonium gibbosum - giktpelargonen med uppsvällda leder och nattdoftande blommor. Vi tar gärna emot förbokade grupper och berättar om våra pelargoner This close up of one of the Peppermint Scented Geranium's flower sprays shows how this geranium got its specie name tomentosum, which is Latin for densely woolly with matted hairs. This covering of wool helps to shade the plant and keep it cool Pelargonium tomentosum. 50.00 kr. Denna pelargon har en fantastisk doft av pepparmint. Bladen är stora och sammetslena. Tomentosum vill stå i ett skuggigare läge. Kan blomma med mycket små vita blommor. Liknande produkter. Pelargonium australe 50.00 kr; Zonalpelargon 40.00 kr Pelargonium tomentosum is confined to mountains where it occurs naturally in semi-shaded, moist habitats, on the margins of ravine forests, near streams. It grows in sandy soil derived from sandstone. This plant is common and occurs on the Hottentots Holland Mountains near Somerset West, on the Riviersonderend Mountains near Greyton, and on the Langeberg Range from Swellendam to Riversdale, in.

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  1. t-scented leaves and delicate white flowers, this makes a marvellous container plant. We use cookies to personalise content, analyse website performance and for advertising purposes
  2. t och utbrett växtsätt. Bladen växer på långa bladstjälkar, är trekantiga med hjärtformad bas. Hela plantan är täckt av mjuka, långa, vita hår. Blommorna är mycket små och vackra, vita med röda till lila markeringar
  3. Pelargonium tomentosum is an evergreen Shrub growing to 0.5 m (1ft 8in) by 0.7 m (2ft 4in). It is hardy to zone (UK) 9 and is frost tender. It is in leaf all year, in flower from May to July. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs). Suitable for: light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils and prefers well-drained soil

Pelargonsläktet (Pelargonium) [1] [2] är ett släkte i familjen näveväxter, [1] i dagligt tal även pelargonior, pelargonier eller pelargoner. [3] Släktet har fler än 250 arter. De flesta arterna förekommer i södra Afrika, men de förekommer även i östra Medelhavsområdet, Arabiska halvön, Indien, Australien Sydamerika och på Nya Zeeland Pelargonium tomentosum is een soort uit Z-Afrika met fluweelzachte hartvormige bladeren. De aromatische bladeren geuren naar pepermunt. Bloeit met tuilen van kleine witte bloempjes 2017-jan-20 - OBS!!! Vi har slutat att odla blommor. Texter och bilder är endast för information. All information och alla bilder på hemsidan är skyddade av copyright och. Pelargonium tomentosum is an aesthetically pleasing, aromatic low sprawling shrub that has soft hairs on the leaves and stem known throughout the temperate parts of South Africa. The name tomentosum refers to the leaves, which are thickly and evenly covered with short, curved, matted hairs creating a showy sprawling ground-cover Geranium Peppermint Scented (Pelargonium 'Tomentosum')Herb Plant in 1L Pot. We are all accustomed to seeing traditional geraniums planted as a striking bedding plant in the summer, and while these are good examples of the pelargonium family, the scented-leaf geraniums are somewhat more demure, but equally as fabulous as plants, for both indoors and out

P. tomentosum kan även förökas genom frösådd. Information: van der Walt och Gibby skrev i Plants systematics.& Evolution nr.171:21 (1990), att naturhybrider mellan P. patulum (x) P. tomentosum förekommer i Sydafrika, men att de inte kunde redogöra för vilken av arterna som är pollengivare Jun 3, 2019 - PELARGONIUM tomentosum. Species Pelargonium - Woottens Plant Nursery. Scented leaf Geranium. Plant specialists in Suffolk offering mail order plant Pelargonium / ˌ p ɛ l ɑːr ˈ ɡ oʊ n i ə m / is a genus of flowering plants which includes about 280 species of perennials, succulents, and shrubs, commonly known as geraniums, pelargoniums, or storksbills. Geranium is also the botanical name and common name of a separate genus of related plants, also known as cranesbills. Both genera belong to the family Geraniaceae Pelargonium tomentosum Maceta cuadrada 7 cm 2,20 € Maceta biodegradable 10 cm 2,50 € Maceta 14 cm 3,95 € 0,00 Botanical Name: Pelargonium tomentosum. Peppermint Scented Geranium is a low growing shrub with a sprawling or trailing growth habit. It will spread in all directions up to 65cm wide and up to 80cm tall. The palm shaped leaves are heart shaped at the base with 3-5 rounded lobes, 3-5cm wide and up to 6cm long

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  1. Pelargonium tomentosum. From Wikispecies. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Pelargonium tomentosum. Taxonavigation . Taxonavigation: Geraniales.
  2. For example PELARGONIUM tomentosum is a natural form and the word in Latin means 'downy' or soft leaf. All species plants must be kept on the dry side in the winter. Woottens we have found many of the species plants more tolerant to cold spells and some have survived temperatures to -5 degrees if kept dry
  3. Pelargonium tomentosum x Pelargonium quercifolium 'Giant Oak' pe-lar-GO-nee-um toh-men-TOH-sum x kwer-se-FOH-lee-um Pelargonium tomentosum Jacq. is the correct and accepted scientific name for this plant. It was first described by Nicolaus (Nicolaas) Joseph von Jacquin in Icones Plantarum Rariorum 1786-1793 Pelargonium quercifolium (L.f.) L.

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Species: Pelargonium tomentosum; Distribution Table Top of page. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Further details may be available for individual references. Pelargonium tomentosum is not in the Expanded Monograph processing cue. If you want to add it to the cue, or if you can provide any additional information, photos or reliable use records of this muthi plant, please leave a comment below, or in The Muthi Flora of southern Africa Facebook group.. Traditional Medicinal Uses of Pelargonium tomentosum. Pelargonium tomentosum The main differences between these two related species are as follow: P. tomentosum - 1. Leaves villous and tomentose. 2. Leaves peppermint-scented. 3. Flowers white. 4. Posterior petals shorter than anterior petals. P. papilionaceum - 1

Pelargonium tomentosum. kr 129.00 Inkl. moms. Slut i lager. Kategori: Alla växter. Dela det här: Facebook; Beskrivning Recensioner (0) Beskrivning. 12 cm kruka. Recensioner Det finns inga produktrecensioner än. Bli först med att recensera Pelargonium tomentosum Avbryt svar Pelargonium tomentosum is a fabulous plant for the dry shade garden. The Peppermint Scented Geranium has very fragrant foliage, is quite drought tolerant and covers a goodly section of the ground. Pelargonium tomentosum grows a foot or two tall but will ramble 10 feet or more A picture can't quite capture why we love this plant. Visually you can sense the softness of its large velvet green foliage but you need to rub its leave to appreciate its delicious minty scent. P. tomentosum can become quite large as a specimen in the open garden but it stays a reasonable 2' x 2' plant in containers especially if you are always pinching off the leaves for scented bouquets

PELARGONIUM tomentosum. Species Pelargonium. Profuse small white flowers although grown more for its handsome foliage. Huge silver, peppermint scented leaves, soft, downy and tactile. Truly irresistible to the touch! Ht.30cm. Sp. 90cm. A wonderful plant, lovely in large pots in the garden Pelargonium tomentosum - Peppermint Scented Geranium Fast-growing, sprawling perennial Light shade to part sun White flowers bloom in spring Height 1' - 2' • Spread 3' - 4' Well-drained soil Moderate wate

Pelargonium tomentosum is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 0.50 metres tall. It is harvested from the wild for local use as a food, medicine and source of materials. Known Hazards None known Botanical Reference Pelargonium tomentosum Jacq.. subg. Pelargonium sect. Pelargonium ; Common Name: Scented Geranium Family: Geraniaceae Juss. Country of Origin: South Africa - Cape Provinces Accession Data: Accession # 201000084 Source: Lynn Biltz - U of Toledo ex OARDC Accession Date: 05-21-2010 Bench: 2110 - MED:Fynbos B Currently: active - healthy Qty: 1 confirmed on 03-27-202 Scented Geranium Peppermint Botanical Name: Pelargonium tomentosum. Peppermint Scented Geranium is a low growing shrub with a sprawling or trailing growth habit. It will spread in all directions up to 65cm wide and up to 80cm tall. The palm shaped leaves are heart shaped at the base with 3-5 rounded lobes, 3-5cm wide and up to 6cm long Pelargonium tomentosum (Peppermint geranium) will reach a height of 0.9m and a spread of 0.75m after 2-5 years.. Suggested uses. Beds and borders, City, Coastal, Conservatory, Containers, Drought Tolerant, Greenhouse. Cultivation. Outdoors, grow in frost-free areas in fertile, well-drained soil

Pelargonium tomentosum, Peppermint scented Geranium Peppermint Geranium Pelargonium tomentosum. The first sign of cooler days to come always shows up on the peppermint geranium as its soft velvety leaves get a fine covering of dew early in the morning Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data

Om pelargonie. Pelargonie, Pelargonium, er en planteslægt, som omfatter mange forskellige arter af stauder, sukkulenter og buske.Fælles for alle arterne er, at de gror naturligt i det sydlige Afrika, hvorfor blomsterne både tåler tørke og varme, men ikke frost Scented Pelargonium - Geranium - 'Tomentosum' Scented Pelargonium - Geranium - 'Tomentosum' is a vigorous variety with grey, soft foliage and a delightful peppermint fragrance. Furthermore it has small white flowers in summer. Pelargoniums make great pot plants Pelargonium tomentosum is a hardy, evergreen shrubby perennial with spreading branches. The attractive rounded peppermint-scented leaves are velvety to the touch. The minute hairs on the leaves trap dew which glitters like diamonds, a wonderful foliage plant. The umbels of tiny white flowers hav.. Pelargonium tomentosum (Peppermint scented geranium). You will find a strong refreshing smell of peppermint from the large pale green, velvety leaves, The flowers are tiny, purple-veined white flowers which bloom in clusters OBS! Listan är ej uppdaterad. Välj kategori i vänstermenyn för att se vad vi har för omgående leverans Nedanstående produkter hittar du i vårt sortiment under respektive kategori i Butiken

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Pelargonium tomentosum Jacq. PlutoF Taxonomy Identifier Source 632692 PlutoF Taxonomy taxon. Pelargonium tomentosum PEPPARMYNTSPELARGON Pelargonium triste KANELPELARGON . Author: Klara Holmqvist Created Date: 5/8/2018 11:32:23 AM.

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Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Pelargonium, Peppermint-Scented Geranium, Storksbill (Pelargonium tomentosum) 'Chocolate Mint' supplied by member gardeners in the Pl.. - Pelargonium graveolens L'Heritier, Pélargonium odorant et quelques autres au feuillage aromatique, consulter la fiche. - Pelargonium tetragonum (L. f.) L'Héritier, consulter la fiche. - Pelargonium tomentosum Jacq. ou Pélargonium tomenteux ou Pélargonium à odeur de menthe, consulter la fiche The CLP Regulation ensures that the hazards presented by chemicals are clearly communicated to workers and consumers in the European Union through classification and labelling of chemicals

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Apple-scented (Pelargonium odoratissimum): Crisp apple scent and small white flowers. Grows to 3 feet tall. Chocolate mint (Pelargonium tomentosum): Yummy scent. Round leaves have a dark center ring. Grows 2 feet tall. Mosquito plant (Pelargonium citrosa): A song citronella scen Share on Facebook Tweet this page. Pelargonium, commonly known as Geranium, is a genus of about 250 species, as well as many hybrids and cultivars.The genus belongs to the family Geraniaceae and is native to South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.The genus includes annuals and perennials, shrubs and subshrubs, succulents, and both evergreen and deciduous species pelargonium notes Erect to decumbent, non-aromatic to aromatic, non-viscid or viscid subshrubs or shrubs with rather woody stems. Leaves simple, laminae entire to variously palmately or pinnately incised tomentosum peppermint scented leaf pelargonium aka scented geraniums, buy with confidence from the UK's original and 1st online organic scented pelargonium specialist growers. mail order jumbo starter plants not baby plugs, select from 130 type Pelargonium tomentosum. 7 more photos VIEW GALLERY. View gallery. Family: Geraniaceae (jer-ay-nee-AY-see-ee) Genus: Pelargonium (pe-lar-GO-nee-um) Species: tomentosum (toh-men-TOH-sum) » View all varieties of Pelargoniums. 3 vendors have this plant for sale. 5 members have or want this plant for trade..

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The species name 'tomentosum' refers to the dense and matted covering of hairs on the leaves, creating a velvety texture and silver sheen. It may be also known by the common name Penny Royal Pelargonium or simply Peppermint Pelargonium Pelargonium tomentosum in habitat grows in sandy soils in semi-shaded, moist habitats, on the forest margins and stream sides in the mountainous areas of the southern Cape of South Africa. The name for the genus comes from Johannes Burman (1707-1780, a Dutch physician and botanist whom Linnaeus worked for in his youth

General information about Pelargonium tomentosum (PELTO) EPPO Global Database. Go! advanced search... Login. Register. Toggle navigation. Home; Standards . PP1 - Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products; PP2 - Good Plant Protection Practice; PP3 - Environmental Risk Assessment. Pelargonium tomentosum (peppermint) Densely hairy, shallow-lobed, large, light green leaves. Billowing habit. Small sprays of white flowers streaked with rose in upper petals Pelargonium tomentosum Taxonomy ID: 253196 (for references in articles please use NCBI:txid253196) current nam Number of matches: 5 Query: SELECT * FROM img WHERE ready=1 and genre = Plant and taxon = Pelargonium tomentosum ORDER BY taxon Click on the thumbnail to see an enlargemen Pelargonium (scented-leaved group) Back to Previous Page. Common Name: scented-leaved geranium (apple) and P. tomentosum (peppermint). A large number of hybrids derived from the aforementioned species are also available in commerce. Most scented geraniums have clusters of small pale pink to white 5-petaled flowers that bloom in summer

Posts about pelargonium tomentosum written by digwithdorris. I have not talked about the plants on the terrace before. It is only accessed through the house and as such is completely private and not open for my NGS opening Pelargonium tomentosum. SKU # P3900 . Category: Plants. Buy more and save! 3-5. $7.95. $7.75. 6+ $7.95. $7.50. 100% Guaranteed! Read our guarantee. Availability: Sold Out. $7.95. A pure peppermint scent and soft as rabbit's fur leaves make this scented geranium a natural choice to fill large containers placed on the patio in afternoon shade Pelargonium tomentosum 'Peppermint' Visit us! SKU: 469 Categories: All Perennials & Herbs , Culinary Herbs and Perennials , Pelargonium (Scented Geranium) , Plants Tags: Attract Butterflies , Container Plant , Culinary , Deer Resistant , Drought Tolerant , Fragrant Leaves , Ground Cover , Tea Plan Noteworthy Characteristics. Pelargonium peltatum, known as ivy geraniums, are tender perennials with somewhat brittle, trailing stems that spread to as much as 3' wide.They feature thick, lobed, medium green, ivy-like leaves and clusters of single or double flowers in shades of red, pink, lilac or white

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Pelargonium grandiflorum. Fleurs : Grandes fleurs d'environ 5 cm de diamètre. Fleurs unies ou bicolores (nombreux coloris). Taille : Hauteur de 0,30 à 0,50 m. Qualités : Plante arbustive utilisée en pleine terre. Feuilles arrondies dentelées Home / Botanical Pelargoniums and Primary Hybrids / Pelargonium Tomentosum (scented) Pelargonium Tomentosum (scented) € 5.50. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License Pelargonium x hortorum 'Picotee Pink' En hortensialiknande pelargon som blev vald till Årets pelargon 2018. Kronbladen har en skir ceriserosa kant som långsamt flyter in i kronbladets vita del

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A synopsis of the nomenclature and morphological features of this South African species (2n = 44) is presented. The structure of the trichomes is described in detail and the components of the essential oil are tabulated. The main components are (-)-isomenthone (61-62%) and (+)-menthone (25-27%), the rest being terpene hydrocarbons. It is concluded that P. tomentosum has the potential to become. Pelargonium tomentosum, the peppermint pelargonium, is a sprawling shrublet with exceptionally aromatic leaves. It usually reaches a height of only about 5 cm. The leaves are simple, characteristically lobed, sometimes in an angular fashion. The leaves are covered with matted, curved hairs as the name (tomentose) suggests. The soft hairs create a velvety effect, also on the stems. Some of. Herb: Peppermint Geranium Latin name: Pelargonium tomentosum Family: Geraniaceae (Geranium Family) Medicinal use of Peppermint Geranium: All parts of the plant are astringent. The fresh leaves are used externally as a poultice for bruises and sprains

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Category: spices, other natural seasonings and flavorings: Recommendation for pelargonium tomentosum usage levels up to: not for fragrance use PELARGONIUM TOMENTOSUM PEPPERMINT-SCENTED GERANIUM A shrubby perennial featuring soft and rounded bright green leaves that smell of peppermint. Airy flower clusters of white flowers with purple markings. Can be grown as annuals or houseplants outside of hardiness zones. USDA zones: 10 - 11 Sunset zones: 8, 9, 12 - 24 Mature size: 1 - 2 feet high and 2 - 4 feet wide Light needs Pelargonium tomentosum is confined to mountains where it occurs naturally in semi-shaded, moist habitats, on the margins of ravine forests near streams. It grows in sandy soil derived from sandstone. This plant is common and occurs on the Hottentots Holland Mountains, on the Riviersonderend Mountains, and on the Langeberg Range in the southern Cape

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Pelargonium tomentosum 1g. Log in for pricing. SKU: UPC: Availability: The quantities available online are less than the total that we have available. If you do not see the quantity you need listed as in stock, please email to see if we have what you need Pelargonium 'Aldwick Cinnamon' (Doftpelargon-Gruppen) Mustig kaneldoft. Vita skyar på långa stänglar. Bladen är grågröna, djupt flikade med krusade kanter, små och mjuka. Kompakt växtsätt. Pelargonium 'Denticulatum' (Doftpelargon-Gruppen) Stark geraniumdoft Pelargonium tomentosum. Explore majikthise_'s photos on Flickr. majikthise_ has uploaded 5346 photos to Flickr. Article by Jennifer de Graaf. 12. Scented Geranium African Plants. datasets have provided data to the NBN Atlas for this species.. Browse the list of datasets and find organisations you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species like Pelargonium tomentosum Jacq Doftpelargoner - Pelargonium spp. Olika sorter, t.ex. Lady Plymouth, Attar of Roses, Skelleton Rose, Nutmeg, Rosengeranium, Pepparmyntpelargon samt Peppermint and Chocolate. E. Eau de Colognemynta - Mentha X piperita var. citrata Pepparmyntspelargon - Pelargonium tomentosum

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PELARGONIUM TOMENTOSUM WHOLE 4C2S8F18NT Overview Names 8: Identifiers 5: Audit Info References 5: Substance Class: Structurally Diverse Source Materials Class: ORGANISM: Source Materials Type: PLANT: Organism Family: GERANIACEAE Organism Genus : PELARGONIUM Organism Species: TOMENTOSUM. Pelargonium tomentosum . Pelargonium tomentosum is a evergreen shrub found in areas such as S. Africa - S.W. Cape Province. A member of the Geraniaceae family, Pelargonium toPelargonium tomentosum is a evergreen shrub found in areas such as S. Africa - S.W. Cape Province. A member of the Geraniaceae family, Pelargonium tomentosum Jacq is also known by its common name of tomentosum). There are several rose geraniums, including Pelargonium capitatum, Pelargonium graveolens, and Pelargonium 'Lady Plymouth'. Various types offer lemon fragrance, including Pelargonium crispum and Pelargonium c. Prince Rupert Pelargonium tomentosum Jacq.. subg. Pelargonium sect. Pelargonium ; Common Name: Scented Geranium Family: Geraniaceae Juss. Country of Origin: South Africa - Cape Provinces Accession Data: Accession # 201000084 Source: Lynn Biltz - U of Toledo ex OARDC Accession Date: 05-21-2010 Bench: 2110 - MED:Fynbos B Currently: active - healthy Qty: 2 confirmed on 09-04-202 Peppermint-scented Geranium - Pelargonium tomentosum Posted on April 28, 2011 by Rupert Foxton-Smythe • 0 Comments One of a very large and much loved family, the Peppermint-scented Geranium is grown for its attractive flowers and velvety foliage, and for the strong peppermint smell from its leaves when they are rubbed between the fingers

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